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220Second to None (dance group)
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while he has 220 pounds standing to his credit in the Capital and Counties Bank.
Thompson stated, "With the growing need for low cost voice and data wireless dispatch the 220 service is well positioned to fill a substantial portion of that demand.
CR was bonded to grit blasted steel with four adhesive systems: In-house adhesives A and C, CH 205 primer coated with CH 250, and the three coat system of CH AP134/CH 205/CH 220.
Crockett, managing partner at Woodland Hills law firm Dion-Kindem & Crockett, issued the statement, "Though we are as comfortable representing 220 Laboratories in Federal Court as we are in State Court, we believe that the California Superior Court is a far more appropriate venue.
5 million, SOPHIA Communications acquired one of only three nationwide 220 MHz licenses awarded by the FCC in its month-long 220 MHz SMR auction.
Thus, pay raises for Municipal Court judges are in place with or without the passage of Proposition 220.
a leading provider of digital imaging solutions, has begun shipping the Company's new ScanFront 220 and ScanFront 220P network scanning solutions.
The participation of Nextel in this auction confirms our belief that the demand for the 220 MHz radio service will grow.
And in any event, the ``need'' for Proposition 220 has been overblown.
According to Bill Saul, SEA's land mobile product manager, the 220 MHz radio service is ideally suited to provide two-way voice and data dispatch communications, and the market is expected to grow quickly upon the completion of the FCC's 220 MHz license auction which commenced this week.
During the meeting of the MSSAA Board of Directors on September 19, 2006, Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Nellhaus presented the proposed plan for increased requirements to students scoring between 220 and 240 on the MCAS testing program.
The Model 220 Label Printer Applicator is the newest addition to ID Technology's range of high quality labeling equipment.