22ATwenty Second Amendment
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According to the press statement issued from the office of Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan (LJCP), the NJPMC will consider suggestions given by the representatives of the bar and the legal fraternity, on the decisions taken by the NJPMC in its last month's meeting regarding exercise of jurisdiction under section 22A (6), CrPC and establishment and functioning of the model courts.
But on March 29, a delegation of the bar association and bar councils from all over the country called on the CJP to discuss resentment among the lawyers community in view of the decision taken by the NJPMC on sections 22A and 22B of the CrPC.
All Pakistan Lawyers Convention which was held on 26-02-219 at Lahore had decided to protest against NJPMC in respect of section 22A and 22B of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.P.C) regarding entertainment of application for registration of FIR and establishment of model courts.
NJPMC formed a complaint cell in every district to deal with complaints related to unregistered FIR and police failure to fulfil their duties.The formation of complaint cell under the supervision of the superintendent of police (complaints) under Sections 22A and 22B of the CrPC is to hear complaints against police, which earlier came directly under the supervision of the Justice of Peace or sessions judges.
It stressed Cairo's objection to what has been contained in Sudan's declaration deposited on 3 March, saying that Egypt's continued sovereignty over all lands north of latitude 22A north has been historically and legally established since the 1899 Anglo-Egyptian agreement.
"Second, the bankruptcy court stated that '(s]ince the childcare expenses were shown on the (Form] 22A and on (Schedule] 'J', it should have been clear to those who looked that there had to be a reason for childcare which could at least require an explanation.' This statement suggests the Debtor's inclusion of questionable expenses (i.e., the monthly day care expense) on his Schedule J and Form 22A should have given rise to knowledge of possible fraud so as to preclude bringing a revocation of discharge action.
With a special thanks also to the Staff of Ward 22A Fazakerley Hospital for the way in which they treated Dad during his brief stay in Hospital - with Care and Dignity.
31, 2008, those purchasing a new 1000 Series Shotgun may purchase an S & W 22A for $49, or receive five free Trulock Specialty Choke Tubes.
Address for correspondence: Sharon Baiter, Bureau of Communicable Disease, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 125 Worth S, CN 22A, New York, NY 10013, USA; email: sbalter@health.nyc.gov
The recently released Model 22A doseBadge systems from Pulsar Instruments allow you to quickly and efficiently assess the daily exposure for your employees, while a separate peak channel allows you to assess any risk from impulsive noise in the workplace.
22a), both manganese and magnesium cations are effective cofactors in vitro, but magnesium is the one used in vivo (ref.