25ATwenty Fifth Amendment
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The section 25A includes annual submission of statements of assets and liabilities, according to which every member shall, in the prescribed form, submit a statement of assets and liabilities of his own, his spouse and dependents annually to the Commissioner by the thirtieth day of September each year.
This is all we need to understand to see the gravity of what has been achieved through Article 25A.
The St James branch is located on the North Shore's historic Route 25A corridor, where many local small businesses operate and consumers shop.
a financial services firm and current tenant in Building 25A, expanded and renewed their lease for 8,030 s/f.
LIVERPOOLA A A 25A A A 11A A A 11A A A 3A A A +23A A A 44
cor of Rte 114, exit 25A from Rte 128) Salem to be followed by a funeral Mass at 11:00 A.
Visit them at 25a Hamilton Road, Rutherglen, near Glasgow, or call freephone 0800 316 9339 for more details.
Villagers in Kelloe, Cassop and Quarrington Hill, on the outskirts of Durham City, petitioned their MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods, for help in trying to save the 25A between Peterlee and Spennymoor, which runs through all three villages.
The Series 5100 Electrical Properties Digital Transducers connect directly to single-and three-phase electrical systems up to 300 VAC and 25A, and transmit data over an RS485 bus.
There are no buses running on the routes 25, 25A, 26, 66 A, B and X, 67 and 67A.
Two different commercial organo-modified montmorillonites were used: Cloisite 25A, supplied by Southern Clay Products, having basal spacing [d.
Sulfur curable grades are used mainly in roller coverings and suction cups, especially in lower hardnesses down to 25A.