25USignal Support Systems Specialist (US Army)
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Cable management has been incorporated into the 12U and 25U cabinets to provide ease of access and enhanced air flow.
XRN: 4U 6U, 12U, 25U with 32" usable depth and special bottom venting and sound proofing
She retired from the Army in 2006 after serving in MOS 25U.
Through its AppleAdvantage Specialized Business Unit (SBU), Tech Data will distribute 4U, 6U, 12U and 25U XRackPro cabinets.
Ft Gordon LLC MOS Transition Program Metrics FY09 thru FY12 FY/MOS Graduates Savings per Yearly Savings Student FY09 25B 335 $23,500 $7,872,500 25U 482 $19.
GizMac also introduces the new 25U tall XRackPro Noise Reduction Enclosure rack mount cabinet for Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID systems.
Army Human Resources Command, Signal Enlisted Branch offered congratulations to SFC Nelson a 25U Soldier.
Active and Reserve Component 25B and 25U NCO in the grade of SGT, SSG or above.
While MOS 254A was traditionally accessed from enlisted MOS 25U, the 255A prerequisites will be similar to the previous prerequisites for MOS 251A.
Guard/Reserve Soldiers can re-class to the 25B or 25U MOS through Blackboard.
For example, previous K series rack-mounted AIT libraries required 14U to house 20 tapes and 25U to house 60 tapes.