25ATwenty Fifth Amendment
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Article 25A of the ConsAtitution obligates the state to provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to 16 years.
The SRSO's Senior Manager, Social Services Sector, Naimatullh Shaikh, who was attending the session, said the article 25A ensures access to free and quality education to every child, but unfortunately majority of people do not know about the constitutional right.
Featuring strikingly fast data transfer speeds, powerful software tools and up to a full terabyte of storage capacity, the StoreJet 25A is ideal for everyday backup, storage, and transport.
This is all we need to understand to see the gravity of what has been achieved through Article 25A.
The St James branch is located on the North Shore's historic Route 25A corridor, where many local small businesses operate and consumers shop.
a financial services firm and current tenant in Building 25A, expanded and renewed their lease for 8,030 s/f.
In 2009, so far, AT&T has added a cell site in Mount Sinai to enhance coverage along Routes 25A and 347 and Patchogue Mount Sinai Road.
LIVERPOOLA A A 25A A A 11A A A 11A A A 3A A A +23A A A 44
Both the 20A and 25A connector families that feature an IP 65-68 protection rating, ensuring reliable operation in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.
Local county councillor Dennis Morgan, who is campaigning alongside Ms Blackman-Woods to have the 25A restored to running five days a week after it was cut to Tuesdays and Fridays, said: "It may seem strange to the layman, but the money the county received has been earmarked for specific projects and cannot be diverted.
Two different commercial organo-modified montmorillonites were used: Cloisite 25A, supplied by Southern Clay Products, having basal spacing [d.
Sulfur curable grades are used mainly in roller coverings and suction cups, especially in lower hardnesses down to 25A.