2963Supplied Restricted Material (police radio code; New Zealand)
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IR (KBr): 3386, 3265, 2963, 2867, 1787, 1694, 1543cm-1.
IR (KBr): 3485, 3149, 2963, 2854, 1797, 1568, 1593cm-1.
He further said that since 1987, there had been 1353 incidents of sectarian violence, and that 964 people had been killed and 2963 injured as a direct result of sectarian violence.
But EU sources say the majority of the Commissioners are behind Mrs Fischer Boel on the reform plans, which are expected to be largely similar to those in the report leaked in May (see Europe Information 2963).
Call 029 2084 2963 or email shirleymorgan70@hotmail.com | |There will be no meeting of the Cardiff Diabetes UK Cymru Group in January 2019.
The police also arrested 60 drug peddlers, unearthed 14 distilleries and recovered 2963 litre Liquor, 3029 litre local wine, 4.395 kilogram of Hashish, 1.285 kilogram Heroin and 4.350 kilogram of Opium besides impounding 3263 motorcycles for using applied for and unauthorised number plates, he added.
The Luxembourg Presidency also addressed the question, albeit vaguely and without mentioning any figures, in its draft compromise proposal to the member states "inviting" them to "guarantee that Natura 2000's needs are covered by available means under the cohesion policy and the new rural development project (see Europe Information 2963, Section I - the text of the Presidency's compromise is available on our site EISnet: www.eis.be > Advanced research > Reference = EURE;2963;105).
It has unveiled these figures in the context of on-going negotiations on the EU's future financial perspective which may, according to the Luxembourg Presidency's latest proposals, actually cut the budget allocated to cohesion policy (see Europe Information 2963, Section I).
Other subjects included an assessment of the nuclear energy negotiations between France, Germany and the UK on the eve of a further meeting with Teheran (see Europe Information 2963).
2963 minutes of field time with powerplay change-up stats of 5-6-3.
The member states support the draft strategic guidelines presented by the European Commission but do not want too rigid a framework which would not allow for account to be taken of specific territorial conditions and development priorities (see Europe Information 2963).