2AMPSecond Level Analogy Memory Processor
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The IA-1214-U relays contacts rated at 2Amp @ 30VDC and 0.5Amp @ 125VAC making it capable of handling a wide portion of general I/O tasks, in spite of its tiny size.
If you buy a 2amp charger you'll ensure it charges as fast as possible,' Stuff said.
Step1: The following values are considered: [V.sub.1] = 24V, [V.sub.ref] = 2.5V, [V.sub.od] = 12V; [R.sub.L] = 3 [OMEGA], [L.sub.L] = 20[micro] H, [V.sub.0(0)] = 0, [x.sub.1(0)] = [V.sub.ref] = 2.5, [beta] = [V.sub.ref]/[V.sub.od] = 0.208, [x.sub.2(0)] = 0, [x.sub.3(0)] = 0, filter inductor current (assumed) = 2Amp and [xi] = 0.5.
12-ch of them have an output contact rating of 5Amp @ 250VAC, SPST kind, while the remaining 4 are of SPDT kind with contact rating of 2Amp @ 30VDC and 1Amp @ 125VAC.
The 2amp nominal current contact is manufactured with BeCu (Beryllium Copper) or TiCu (Titanium Copper), which offers an inherently low contact resistance.