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2B1Q2 Binary 1 Quaternary
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Other features include high immunity to background noise, enabling transmission of multiple HDSL lines via the same physical cable, and the use of equalisation, adaptive filtering, echo cancellation and 2B1Q line coding to compensate for line impairments and mixed cabling.
High-data-rate DSL (HDSL) also uses 2B1Q modulation to provide a symmetric service of 1.
SHDSL's ability to provide data rates up to 50 percent higher than 2B1Q SDSL, and extend service reach up to 20 percent higher than 2B1Q SDSL increases the total addressable DSL market.
The new device is backward-compatible with the company's large installed base of original ZipWire SDSL modem solutions that operate in 2B1Q mode.
The system utilizes 2B1Q transceivers to support symmetric/full duplex transmission at 1.
SHDSL is a new business-class, multi-rate form of DSL combining the best of 2B1Q SDSL and DHDSL2.
HDSL is an outgrowth of the robust 2B1Q line coding, used to provide 2B+D two 64 kb/s voice channels and one 16 kb/s control channel) for Basic Rate ISDN.
GlobeSpan offers a broad suite of DSL solutions, including ADSL, HDSL, HDSL2, SHDSL and SDSL chipsets based on DMT, 2B1Q, PAM and CAP line codes.
With the success of the 2B1Q transmission code and the other milestones that ISDN has passed, albeit slowly, this implementation should bring enough standardization to CPE that it will result in quantity production and consequently lower prices.
GlobeSpan offers a broad suite of DSL solutions for ADSL, HDSL, HDSL2, SHDSL, and SDSL chipsets based on DMT, 2B1Q, PAM, and CAP line codes.
It is a 4-wire modem based on standard 2B1Q HDSL technology.
The early market entry by AT&T Microelectronics with full production of a 2B1Q transceiver, coupled with requests for products from the operating companies, form the catalyst for the initial deployment of both 2B1Q CO line cards and NT1s.