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2C-I2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Iodophenethylamine (psychedelic drug)
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Stai was given smiles by a friend, 18-year-old Adam Budge, who now faces 25 years in prison after being charged with providing the 2C-I to the teen.
Witnesses who saw Stai after he ingested 2C-I said he was "shaking," "growling," and "foaming at the mouth," when he then "started to smash his head against the ground" and looked possessed, according to Yahoo Shine.
Since 2C-I is a novel drug, only recently becoming popular in the United States (Smiles first emerged in Europe in 2003,) law enforcement and hospitals face difficulties in detecting the drug because of its synthetic nature.
"The unfortunate thing is if kids who are overdosing on 2C-I go in to the hospital with a physical problem, a lot of times they can't test for it so it doesn't show up as a drug overdose," Wold said.
Those who have experience using the drug often give reviews of 2C-I on YouTube or Internet message boards.
A (http://phantasytour.com/bands/1/topics/3228003/posts) message board on phantasytour.com is filled with people who endorse 2C-I use while others warn of its dangers.