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2CATwo Channel Authentication (banking, security on-line and remote access)
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cupressoides (Figure 2Ca) (Rodrigues et al., 2013), fractions were also examined by GPC and the results corroborated with those of the polyacrylamide analysis predicting low-molecular-size SPs (Rodrigues et al., 2017a).
As part of the proposed amendments is the replacement of rules 2C and 2CA with a new rule 2C, and rule 11AA with new rule 11AA.
The maxima for the 2-CA+2-ME mixture accuracy at X=0.691 mole fraction of (2-CA) and for 2-CA+2-EE mixture it occur curve at X=0.839 mole fraction of (2CA) the maxima for the 2-EE is much pronounced than that for 2-ME.
(2ca) However, to the extent savings bonds are distributed by an estate or trust to satisfy pecuniary obligations or legacies, the estate or trust is required to recognize the unreported incremental increase in the redemption price of Series E bonds as income in respect of a decedent.
For example, individual comments presented in the next section will be identified through codes such as 1MA, 2CA, 3KA, etc.
An approximation of SID was derived from measured values for Na, K, Cl, Ca, Mg, S[O.sub.4] as follows: SID (mEq x [l.sup.-1]) = 1Na + 1K + 2Ca + 2Mg - 1C1 - 2S[O.sub.4] (ion values in mmol x [l.sup.-1]).
Comments: Corporate sales rose 7.5%--the fastest gain in a decade--and net income improved 2cA. Yet, gross margin, that all-important measuring stick for Colgate-Palmolive, actually dropped 70 basis points to 54.4%.
(5) My friend can choose between an elliptical answer (2Ba) or (2Ca) consisting of the copula or the negation alone, or an answer (2Bb) or (2Cb) in which he repeats the main verb.