2CB4-Bromo-2,5-Dimethoxyphenethylamine (psychedelic and an entactogen)
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The shadowy seller from Holland warned us: "They are really high dosed 2CB pills - so be careful."
During the search operation of Mr Bollom's car, sniffer dogs found 7.82g of cannabis, 91g of cannabis, five tabs of LSD, 0.21g of mescaline and two tablets of 2CB.
De cuidado son tambien sustancias como la ketamina y el 2CB que, aunque aparecen con prevalencias muy bajas en este estudio, son drogas con moderada toxicidad.
Con cifras por debajo del 2% y por encima de 1%, aparecen GHB, Ketamina, 2CB y Metanfetamina (Cristal).
(8) I.e., psylocibin; Happy Patches (a); MDMA/Xstasy (bad news, though, X); various low-tech manipulations of the benzene-ring in methoxy-class psychedelics, usually home-makable; synthetic dickies like MMDA, DMA, DMMM, 2CB, para-DOT I-VI, etc.--though note this class doesn't and shouldn't include CNS-rattlers like STP, DOM, the long-infamous West-U.S.-Coast 'Grievous Bodily Harm' (gamma hydroxybutyric acid), LSD-25 or -32, or DMZ/M.P.
(2cb) However, the amount of the debt outstanding at date of insured's death, with interest accrued to that date, is deductible in determining the taxable estate even though the debt is paid from the proceeds.
(2cb) The Service also determined that a deduction claimed on a decedent's estate tax return--which represented income taxes paid by the estate on the estate's income tax return, which in turn were triggered by the amount distributed to the estate from the decedent's IRAs--was not allowable as a deduction under IRC Section 2053.
Psychedelic drugs--as distinct from alcohol, prescription drugs, stimulants, opiates, and opioids--were subdivided into categories of cannabis, relaxants (e.g., GHB), empathogens (substances--usually phenethylamines such as 2CB, 2CI, and MDMA, which is known as "ecstasy"--that are characterised experientially by empathic emotions), dissociatives, and other psychedelics.
(5) My friend can choose between an elliptical answer (2Ba) or (2Ca) consisting of the copula or the negation alone, or an answer (2Bb) or (2Cb) in which he repeats the main verb.
Inspired by Walter White - the teacher who turned to drug dealing in cult TV show Breaking Bad - they dealt ecstasy, the hallucinogens LSD and 2CB, and ketamine - a horse tranquilliser abused in clubland - across Europe and to customers in America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Manchester.