2CVDeux Cheveaux (Citroën automobile model built from 1948 to 1990)
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Run by the Classic 2CV Racing Club with the British Automobile Racing Club, the event marks the end of yet another superb season of low-cost 2CV motorsport.
You can hire a 2CV or a VW camper van and even electric bikes for a day, half-day or weekend and just head off and explore.
The 2CV was a wartime child of the rural communities of France where the test of a car was whether it would drive over a ploughed field without cracking a tray of eggs, rather than be first away from the traffic lights or sport a designer body.
Mechanically, the 2CV was very innovative with interconnected suspension and an unburstable air-cooled two-cylinder engine which was so tough it could run all day without compliant.
Citroen, a France-based automaker, is developing a successor to the 2CV in Madrid, Spain, before the end of the year.
BACK TO THE FUTURE: 1958's hybrid concept based on the 2CV.
The 2011 event, involving many of Europe's 2CV owner's clubs, promises to be the biggest yet.
In my own mind I believe 75mph down a hill in a 2CV is about as fast as you can ever go globally in one.
No, don't stop reading - I know for a lot of people, "vegetarian" conjures up images of a 2CV driving, cardigan-wearing, muesli-growing hippy tree hugger, but things have changed.
Such is the rocky and turbulent ride hold'em players go on, I'd be more inclined to compare the game to a Citroen 2CV.
Unlike pancake Houston, the terrain is a series of humps and bumps and Watson would, years ago, roll you over the humps in a rolling 2CV with a rapid-fire description of all that flashed by: every gatepost, every cast-iron villa, every funny doorway seemed to have a story, '.
Despite its 29bhp power and 68mph top speed the 600D became a huge seller and in Spanish terms the car was as important as the German Beetle, French 2CV and the iconic British Mini.