2DOFTwo Degrees of Freedom
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The scheme of the control loop with 2DOF controller is presented in Fig 2.
Several controller types were tested and results of the 2DOF (Two Degree Of Freedom) controllers are presented in this paper.
Control course of elevation and azimuth using 2DOF controller is presented in Fig.
On the other hand, performance of a simple 2DOF controller was significantly better.
Prokop, Control of Interval Systems Using 2DOF Configuration, Procedia Engineering 100 (2015), pp.
Therefore, a control to quickly fll in the spool valve control dead zone in the 2DOF control system described above is added.
Required performance Size of braking Rate of braking Accuracy of force force change braking force System High-pressure Flow rate Pressure configuration accumulator amplified by adjusted by regulator linear solenoid valves Pressure control 2DOF control system method - Compensation Compensation control for the control for the spool valve dead spool valve zone hysteresis
i] = 0 for all i and moreover reference and load disturbance are stepwise signals, the control loop corresponds to 2DOF structure [2].
In section 2, the semi-batch reactor and 2DOF controller are described; section 3 presents simulation results and section 4 concludes the current work and suggests new areas for investigation.
In this work, 2DOF controller was applied to calculate the optimal temperature trajectory to reach desired properties in minimum time.
This on-line identification is also used for 2DOF controller.
In this study, on a semi-batch reactor by means of a simulation, 2DOF controller was tested and the effect of changes of the various parameters for a quality of the regulation process was monitored.