2DOFTwo Degrees of Freedom
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The linear 2DOF bicycle model described in Equation 13 is used to derive the sliding control law.
In [1], design and analysis of 2DOF controller for split stator IM were executed and the electromagnetic parameters were determined.
Closed loop response of the system with or without the filter (b = 1), where 2DOF is the response received by using the method given in [8] and with PI the response received by using the proposed way of controller projection is shown in Fig.
The multimodal techniques can enlarge the bandwidth of operating frequencies of the vibration-based energy harvesters, for example, the piezoelectric energy harvester with a dynamic magnifier [137] and the 2DOF energy harvester with closed first and second mode frequencies [138, 139].
It contains Teaching Toolboxes with a derived mathematical model, a Simulink model and 1DOF and 2DOF PID controllers [7, 11], which are used as a link between the laboratory model, the physical (Simscape) model, and the graphic (3D Animation) model.
The initial cells are equipped to switch between high multisite testing of 3DOF magnetometer devices on a strip or 3DOF and 2DOF accelerometer devices in a carrier.
The transformation matrix to build the reduced physical space and the reduced 2DOF 4th-order model are presented below.
In matrix-vector form, equations of motion for the 2DOF sector (blade with the absorber) are given by Eq.
A two-degree-of-freedom (2DOF) vehicle suspension system is used as shown in Figure 1.
To compensate the loss of vehicle stability in emergency situations due to nonlinear characteristics of tire forces, a linear 2DOF (Figure 8) vehicle plane model (bicycle model) with appropriate physical constraints is proposed as a desired model to be followed by the controller.
Therefore, the whole system is a 2DOF oscillator with an SMA element, shown in Figure 1 [18, 22].