2ICSecond (2nd) In Charge
2ICSecond in Command (Armed Forces)
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One day in early March, we had returned to the unit lines after the morning rehearsals and were busy in routine work when the 2IC walked into my office with a broad smile on his face and said, "Sir, I have a visitor here to see you." Before I could respond, he gestured to someone behind him to come in.
The role of directors and 2IC generally involves managing the centre and overseeing operations.
Before blowing off steam, I quickly went to the opsroom with my 2iC to hear the latest about our casualties.
General Accounting Managers are another area of demand as Finance Directors seek a strong 2IC. Demand is also up for regulatory reporting candidates in response to the extra reporting required by financial services industry regulatory bodies.
After a "heated" discussion the "2IC" shouted to the INLA wing "They think we have a gun".
Upon arrival at 1 CSR I was employed as a Detachment Member, and subsequently as a Det 2ic, and eventually as a Detachment Commander of a CNR detachment.
Snowfall could halve by 2050 and studies suggest that by 2080, average temperatures in the North-East will have risen by a minimum of 2iC and possibly up to a catastrophic 6iC, if swift action is not taken to tackle the problem.
The Met Office has predicted cloudy weather and temperatures of 5iC during the day and 2iC at night.
JRB joined the 2/17th on the first day of its existence and, he, with his adjutant, were the only men still there on the battalion's last day; he was the first 2IC of Mackell's and Edmondson's company; he was the battalion's battle 2IC during the Battle of El Alamein and, with his CO ill, he ran the battalion; and he commanded the battalion in Queensland and for its last (Borneo) campaign.
He commented to me that he enjoyed being the 2IC and helping people achieve their goals.