2ICSecond (2nd) In Charge
2ICSecond in Command (Armed Forces)
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The main limitation of this study was the representativeness of the study sample, as 60 per cent (n = 29) of the participants held senior roles, such as director or 2IC.
The former handler claimed: "When I knew Scap he was 2IC in the Nutting Squad, but his role was much wider.
Without the assistance of the 2IC (typically the executive officer [XO]), the requirements and burdens of command in a warfighting scenario can be overwhelming.
These are present both on a surface level in the many toned bodies and especially in the way Pitt is costumed, and less superficially in themes of self-love, in the narrator's magnetic attraction to Tyler, his almost jealous resentment first over Mafia, who invades their home and Tyler's bed, and later over the legions of followers that compromise his 2IC status, causing him to retaliate by destroying the beauty of an angel-faced blond Oared Leto).
If one was to name a few, Peter Inchbold is 2IC and offers enormous knowledge, both in this race and all sailing aspects.
Whereas in this environment I do have the director that is you know, the main person--and there's a 2IC [sic] as well so I .
L/Cpl Rehan Pasha, Section * Second-in-Command: "I was Rifleman Murphy's Section 2IC only briefly, but I will never forget him.
His contact details are: Major Neff Leckie, Battalion 2IC, 8/7 RVR, 1806-1812 Sturt Street, Ballarat Vic 3350, Tel: 5333 1383 (Night) or 0400 573 802, email: nkaleckie@optusnet.
CREW: S Lewis--Skipper, M Vickers 2IC, S Lewis--Navigator, A Torpelund (2), C White (15), C Alcock (3), C Duffleld (3), D Alcock, J Pirret (2), J Woolerton, M Vickers (2), R Wood (1), S Brown (2), S Lewis (9), W Bailey.
Though he took breaks to go travelling, he always returned to the Greenhouse, rising to the 2IC position of sous chef and helping former sous chef Andy Green establish a Corney & Barrow restaurant-winebar in London's St Martin's Lane.
The battery 2IC was a very good man named Captain Jack Skinner.
Busy with his prison management responsibilities, Bunbury directed his 2IC, Captain Horatio Gulston, to take over the military duties relating to the garrison, and it was not until the end of June that Bunbury turned his attention to the soldiers' gardens.