2ICSecond (2nd) In Charge
2ICSecond in Command (Armed Forces)
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Both COAs take into account that someone must fill the role of dedicated BOS integrator within the task force TOC--and someone must fill the role of 2IC.
I sign off a letter if they've done, for example, a master corporal section 2IC job in a rifle section; then we will bring them in directly as a master corporal section 2IC.
Busy with his prison management responsibilities, Bunbury directed his 2IC, Captain Horatio Gulston, to take over the military duties relating to the garrison, and it was not until the end of June that Bunbury turned his attention to the soldiers' gardens.
Two of the guys from 5 Platoon that were at the corner of the building came up and gave suppressive fire, as my 2IC and Pte.
The Sixth was now temporarily under the command of its young 2IC, Major Gordon Bennett, as Colonel McNicoll had been badly wounded at Tommies' Trench.
Tenders are invited for Supply of approx quantity of local purchase of Tea qty 2000 kgs by the 2IC, Supply Depot ASC Ferozpur Cantt for delivery at Supply Depot
Warrant Officer Tracy Sapera (shown here rapelling from the Queen's Palace) was a Platoon 2IC in Afghanistan on Op ATHENA Roto 2 and is currently a member of 1PPCLI in Edmonton, AB.
Dave fought at Milne Bay as 2IC of C Company 9th Bn and was Company Commander of B Company on Bougainville.
Like the pests they control, most of these creatures prefer or need a warm temperature, a minimum of 2IC (70F).
Tenders are invited for Renovation of electrical Installation of DC training and 2IC office of ADM block at STC BSF Udhampur
On our radio, we occasionally hear the Section Commander or 2IC give instructions to watch a certain T-junction or to change direction or formation as the path narrows and widens or twists and turns.
Stunned, he and the section 2IC and the CP operator just looked at each other.