2LMTwo Level Maintenance
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For the boost converter, [V.sub.on] = [V.sub.i], [V.sub.off] = -[V.sub.o], and [i.sub.o] = [i.sub.D], and from Table 2, [I.sub.L] = ([D.sup.2.sub.1][T.sub.s][V.sub.i](1 + M))/(2LM) and ([D.sup.2.sub.1][T.sub.s]R)/(2L) = [M.sup.2].
For the buck converter, from Figure 5, [V.sub.LS] = [V.sub.i] - [V.sub.o], [V.sub.sd] = - [V.sub.i], and [i.sub.o] = [i.sub.L], and from Table 2, [I.sub.L] = ([D.sup.2.sub.1][T.sub.s][V.sub.i](1 - M))/(2LM) and ([D.sup.2][T.sub.s]R)/(2L) = [M.sup.2]/(1 - M).
N212LM: "Down to 3000 for 2LM. It was quiet for so long that I was getting concerned."
The total simulated time span is 2LM (6.667ns), and the time discretization is [DELTA]t = 50 ps.
Other parameters needed for the 2LM are summarized in Table 1.
The 2LM and I were escorted to the pallet-staging area, where we planned the order for loading the pallets.
Mason, "Stealth Fighter Avionics: 2LM Versus 3LM." Air Force Journal of Logistics, Vol XXII, No 3, Fall 1998: 31