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2LOTwo-Level Organic
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Here, in all the spectra, a similar behavior can be detected, also that the LO and 2LO optical modes do not undergo any significant shift with the immersion time, maintaining their position near to 300 and 598 [cm.sup.-1], respectively (Table 2).
Peaks appeared after diffusion in the defect flow at ~ 1100, ~1300, ~1400, ~1750[cm.sup.-1], and 2340-2360 [cm.sup.-1] according to [27] refer to (2LA or TO + TA), (TO + LA), (LO + LA), 2LO, and 3TO multiphonon absorption.
The show, which attracts visitors from all parts of Britain, Europe, North America and South Africa is the only event of its kind featuring antique wirelesses, wind-up gramophones, phonographs, wax discs and cylinders, and the nostalgia of cat's whisker crystal sets - the days when the British Broadcasting Company's programmes were transmitted from 2LO (London), 5IT (Birmingham), 2ZY (Manchester) and half a dozen pioneer other stations.
1922: The first royal broadcast was made by the Prince of Wales., on 2LO, 11 days before it changed its name to the British Broadcasting Company.
1922: The first royal broadcast was made by the Prince of Wales, on 2LO. 1922: Marie Lloyd, English music hall entertainer, died aged 52, defying her doctor's orders not to go on stage when unwell.
1923 The BBC "house dance orchestra", playing more formal music for dancing than the foxtrots beloved of the 2LO dance band, made its first broadcast.
Dear Editor, -As the granddaughter of a man who worked his way up through the BBC, beginning with Lord Reith on the founding 2LO and Alexandra Palace in London in the 20s, I grew up with a family attachment to our national broadcaster -perhaps mirrored by the fond place of Pebble Mill in our regional psyche.
Also on this day: 1849: Edgar Allen Poe, theAmerican author and poet, died in mysterious circumstances; 1900: The term 'orienteering' in sport was used for the first time; 1922: The Prince of Wales made his first royal radio broadcast which took place on 2LO; 1957: RCA Victor announced Elvis Presley's Christmas album had already received 500,000 advance orders.
8 What did the original BBC call sign 2LO represent?
Also on This Day: 1840: Birth of impressionist painter Claude Monet; 1922: The London radio station 2LO (later the BBC) began daily transmissions; 1932: Book tokens went on sale in Britain for the first time; 1938: Jews were expelled from colleges in Germany; 1940: Coventry Cathedral was destroyed by enemy bombing; 1941: The aircraft carrier Ark Royal sank near Gibraltar after being hit by an enemy torpedo; 1952: Britain's first hit parade was published in the New Musical Express with Al Martino's Here In My Heart the first No.