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2LOTwo-Level Organic
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1923 The BBC "house dance orchestra", playing more formal music for dancing than the foxtrots beloved of the 2LO dance band, made its first broadcast.
1922 - The first royal radio broadcast, with the Prince of Wales, took place on 2LO.
8 What did the original BBC call sign 2LO represent?
Dear Editor, -As the granddaughter of a man who worked his way up through the BBC, beginning with Lord Reith on the founding 2LO and Alexandra Palace in London in the 20s, I grew up with a family attachment to our national broadcaster -perhaps mirrored by the fond place of Pebble Mill in our regional psyche.
Also on This Day: 1840: Birth of impressionist painter Claude Monet; 1922: The London radio station 2LO (later the BBC) began daily transmissions; 1932: Book tokens went on sale in Britain for the first time; 1938: Jews were expelled from colleges in Germany; 1940: Coventry Cathedral was destroyed by enemy bombing; 1941: The aircraft carrier Ark Royal sank near Gibraltar after being hit by an enemy torpedo; 1952: Britain's first hit parade was published in the New Musical Express with Al Martino's Here In My Heart the first No.
1922: The first royal broadcast was made by the Prince of Wales, on 2LO 11 days before it changed its named to the British Broadcasting Company.