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2MASSTwo Micron All-Sky Survey (astronomy)
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The walls and filaments shown here represent dark matter structures, based on the distribution of galaxies cataloged in the 2MASS Redshift Survey.
(2015) Early results from VLT SPHERE: Long-slit spectroscopy of 2MASS 01222439 B, a young companion near the Deuterium burning limit.
We converted 2MASS J & K magnitudes to V and Rc using the Warner Harris formula, obtaining V= 14.24(5), V-Rc= 0.315(5), consistently with Table 2 and TB, and V-K= 1.37.
Identified as 2MASS J1119-1137, the 10-million-year-old object is between four and eight times the mass of Jupiter, which means that the object falls in the mass range between a large planet and a small brown dwarf star, according to the website Science Daily, which referred to the study on the matter.
A Brazilian-American team including Vinicius Placco, a research assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame and a member of JINA-CEE (Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics -- Center for the Evolution of the Elements), and led by Jorge Melendez from the University of SEuo Paulo used two of European Southern Observatory's telescopes in Chile to discover this star, named 2MASS J18082002-5104378.
This was derived from Allen's Astrophysical Quantities using the (J-K) = 0.41 derived from the 2MASS catalogue entry for TW CrB.
The researchers turned Hubble and Spitzer simultaneously toward a brown dwarf with the long name of 2MASS J22282889-431026.
They propose that the star, dubbed 2MASS 1227-0447, may have come from a small galaxy that ventured close enough to the Milky Way to be ripped apart by gravitational forces.
Caption: Messier 17, the Omega or Swan Nebula, has an unfamiliar shape when seen in this composite of three 2MASS infrared images.
Jansky Very Large Array (JVLA) and the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) and infrared data from the 2 Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS).
I selected a group of nearby stars with similar colour and calculated their V and R magnitudes from the CMC-14 r' and 2MASS J and K magnitudes.