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Then, a specific amount of 2MI catalyst was added to this mixture.
Dynamic DSC measurements were used to investigate the appropriate amount of DACA and 2MI catalyst for pDGEBA.
5:1 molar ratio) systems without catalyst and in the presence of various amounts of 2MI catalyst.
Figure 5 shows FTIR spectra of the 1 mol% 2MI catalyzed DACA/pDGEBA system before curing and after curing at temperature increased stepwise from 140 to 200[degrees]C with intervals of 20[degrees]C.
The catalyst 2MI initiates the ring-opening reaction of the epoxy group of pDGEBA to form an oxygen anion, which subsequently picks up hydrogen from carboxyl in DACA to yield a carboxylate anion [reaction (1) of Scheme 2].