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Fascinated by how people abbreviate words on their mobiles - tomorrow becomes 2moro in text - he wants to see what happens when they do it in Irish.
Hi Lewis all the best for 2moro I hope you win, you are the best, reach for the stars as you are the star of the show from Walkers - Helen Walker, Middlesbrough,
I think it wud b just about aQr8 if I won the juC looking phone 2moro.
If birmpost of 2moro wishes 2 continue providing an xlnt service to its readers it may well b forced to embrace txting: ( c u l8er
THIS is how the conversation between the two players appeared on Facebook: Simon Brown: I bet ur in trainin 2moro up***y
So if things like CU L8R and 2MORO leave you perplexed, then a new scheme from Age Concern could be just the XperENs you are looking for.
then Carolyn called from Sky to tell me she's updated my Sky security pass and that _ I may have problem getting past security without it 2moro.