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Fascinated by how people abbreviate words on their mobiles - tomorrow becomes 2moro in text - he wants to see what happens when they do it in Irish.
Hi Lewis all the best for 2moro I hope you win, you are the best, reach for the stars as you are the star of the show from Walkers - Helen Walker, Middlesbrough,
I think it wud b just about aQr8 if I won the juC looking phone 2moro.
If birmpost of 2moro wishes 2 continue providing an xlnt service to its readers it may well b forced to embrace txting: ( c u l8er
I will always thank my lucky stars she took the time to get to know me and we might not get to go for dinner 2moro after work but every time I'm in there I'll think of her.
THIS is how the conversation between the two players appeared on Facebook: Simon Brown: I bet ur in trainin 2moro up***y
So if things like CU L8R and 2MORO leave you perplexed, then a new scheme from Age Concern could be just the XperENs you are looking for.