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WEAR ANALYSIS: END WEAR: x2=double ended; primary + 2ndry = use /re-use; l=bruising; 2=slight pounding; 3=moderate pounding; 4=heavy pounding; 5=flaking; 6=heavy flaking (similar scale with EDGE WEAR & SIDE WEAR.
TYPE OF MODIFICATION: l=scratch notching; 2=edge notches in cobble; 3=side notch/indentation; 4=semi-continuous groove; A= secondary notching of edges; B=rounded off sharp edges of flake; C- 2ndry notching; D=2ndry side notch
Tenders are invited for Running Repairing/Maintenance /Overhauling Of 1) 11Kv,630Amp,Vcb For Controlling Of Bokaro Colliery Feeder (2)11Kv, 630A, Vcb, Make Pce For Controlling Of Iwsp New Feeder 3) 11Kv, 630A, Ocp For Controlling 2Ndry Of Power Transformer