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Six months later in December, however, Booty Luv's version of Boogie 2nite was released as an actual single in the UK and mainland Europe following positive reviews from club DJs on the dance scene.
The surprise dance hit of the year seemed like another throwaway one-hit wonder when they first appeared with the admittedly brilliant Boogie 2Nite.
Users are able to send SMS queries such as 'results of F1 GP,' 'Italian food in Versailles,' 'last lotto results,' 'jazz club 2nite in cannes' to a short number and directly receive SMS answers on their cell phones.
com)-- Polini Distillates and Beverages, proud producer of the 2NITE Vodka announces that 2NITE Sicilian Blood Orange Vodka has been awarded the Double Gold in the flavoured Vodka Category at the recently completed San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the oldest and most respected spirits competition held annually in the United States, with over 1215 different spirits entered from over 60 countries in this year's competition.
0 via satellite, but remembered to wish host Katy good luck on Twitter: "have fun 2nite ?
Booty Luv will perform their three top 20 singles, Don't Mess with My Man, Boogie 2nite and Some Kinda Rush at the festival; while The Dreambears, who won the hearts of the nation as finalists in this year's Britain's Got Talent, will be performing four show-stopping Cabaret numbers.
Out of habit, Bill Clinton might easily have texted 20,000 Democrats with: "Hillary out 2nite.
It is certainly no Boogie 2Nite, but as a stand alone track it works wonders.
Although texting shorthand such as 2nite (tonight) and l8er (later) are in common use in the West, Chinese shorthand often involves numbers steeped in mythical associations.
Requests can be as free-form as: "get me a Tuscany restaurant with a nice view", "jazz 2nite in french qtr" over a text interface such as SMS, or "locate the nearest Citibank ATM" over a speech interface.