2PACTupac Shakur (rapper)
2PAC2 Produce and Create
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''Butterfly'' is akin to the mythological Inana's descent into the netherworld, shedding bits of clothes at each level, until he's left vulnerable and exposed at the end, talking plainly to deceased hip-hop legend 2Pac Shakur.
Every once in a while, a song comes along that changes a generation -- and 2Pac's California Love did just that.
A killer one–two punch paid tribute to both Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac, with faithful recreations of Hypnotised and 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted, while House Of Pain's Jump Around had the entire venue bouncing.
And as you mature, there are still plenty of tribal codes that say to other men: "I am one of you, don't kill me"- codes like which team you support, being able to finish another man's obscure Star Trek quote, or having telepathically similar iTunes playlists (The Doors and 2Pac).
The back inking, bearing the words Still I Rise, was apparently inspired by late rapper 2Pac.
Price also posted several pictures of slain US rapper Tupac and left a bizarre message to a pal last year which read: "Soon as i get home 2pac kadafi !!" The killer and his then girlfriend Karen Duncan took pictures of themselves as they washed their victim Scott Burgess's blood from themselves in a bath.
and Unchained (The Payback/ Untouchable), the new mash-up from the late James Brown and 2Pac.
Jazzy Hip-Hop : "Life is a Traffic Jam" - 2Pac / Eight Mile Road You might be wondering "why in God's name is Ali writing about 2Pac?".
And to add even more fire to the occasion, it's a classic east v west London battle - Bow bells v Big Ben, Cockneys v Sloanes, eels v caviar, Harry Redknapp v Prince Harry, Westfield Stratford v Westfield Shepherd's Bush, er, Russia v America, Biggie v 2Pac...
But of course, the JDL and the IRA werewith some room for nuanceterrorist groups (hell, the JDL may have killed 2pac!).
When the work was finished, she debuted the finished product to her fans, holding up her fingers to show 'thug life' on each hand, a tribute to the late rapper Tupac '2pac' Shakur.