2PLTwo Phase Locking
2PL2 Parameter Logistic Model
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(12) hapa i- hapa -o 2PL trabajar -IMPERATIVO 'trabaje' En sintesis, en los ejemplos analizados se observo la independencia de la duracion silabica y vocalica con respecto a los contornos tonales.
t'eKa tabyn LOC mannan tannan tabnan ABL mannando tannando tabnandykti COM masse tasse tabse ABES matkalyk tatkalyk tabytkalyk Table 2 Case paradigm of the Middle-Ob Selkup pronouns in the plural Case 1PL 2PL 3PL NOM mi ti tabla GEN mi t'i tablan ACC migyt t'igynt tablap LAT miqynut t'iqyndyt tabland LOC minan t'inan tablanan ABL minando t'inando tablanando COM mize t'ize tablaze ABES mikalk t'ikalk tablakalk
Empirical studies have suggested that sample sizes of 200 people can provide robust parameter estimates for the 2PL model (Primi and Nunes, 2005), and Monte Carlo simulation studies have shown that as few as 250 examinees satisfy IRT requirements (Embretson and Reise, 2000).
P\A 1SG 1PL.EXCL 2SG 2PL 3SG 1SG -wa-nki -wa-nki-chik -wa-n 1PL.EXCL -- -wa-nki-ku -wa-nku 1PL.INCL -wa-nchik 2SG -yki -yki-ku -su-nki 2PL -yki-chik -su-nki-chik S -ni -ni-ku EXCL -nki -nki-chik -n -nchik INCL (3) Imbabura EQ present verb forms (Cole 1982: 103-104,159-160)
Offering 2PL, 3PL and 4PL solutions, Agility operates its own warehousing and also designs and builds warehouses on its distribution parks for third parties to specific individual customer specifications.
Pronombres personales (proto-)kawapana y aimara (Valenzuela 2011a, Hart 1988) SHIWILU SHAWI PROTO-KAWAPANA AIMARA SURENO 1SG kwa ka *kwa naya 4SG kenmu' kanpu' *k[e/a]npu' hiwasa 2SG kenma kema *kema huma 3SG nana ina nana / ina hupa 1PL kuda kiya (keya) *k[u/i]ja na(ya)naka 4PL kenmu'wa' kanpua' *k[e/a]npu'wa(')12 hiwasanaka 2PL kenmama' kanpita *kema+wa'/pita (PL) humanaka 3PL nawa' inapita *na(na)/ina+PL hupanaka Cuadro 3.
Four couples of arbitrary parameters (a, b) were used to generate the probabilities of mastering each attribute (X vector) with the 2PL IRT model.
Most commonly mentioned levels of outsourcing are 2PL, 3PL and 4PL.
The two parameter logistic (2PL) and 1 parameter logistic (1PL) models are special cases of the 3PL.
fiziemos-fizimos fizieramos 2pl. fiziestes-fizistes fizierades 3pl.
REL 2PL.SUJ concluir banar-EST-FUT 2PL.SUJ.FUT manton nuevo vestir-INV3SG.POS