2TMTo the Max
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2TM family of K+ channels: This family also known as inward - rectifier K+ channel, includes subfamilies like [K.
Thus it differs from 2TM and 4TM families in having two pores rather than one pore.
Subtypes, coding gene, activators and inhibitors of 2TM family of potassium channels 2TM family Other name Subtype Coding gene [K.
for sales of the VascuTrak 2TM Focal Force PTA Catheter in North America and select European markets.
The VascuTrak 2TM Focal Force PTA Catheter has been engineered for the dilatation of stenoses of the peripheral vasculature and is available in a broad range of diameter sizes and lengths to address this challenging anatomy.
KLA-Tencor introduced the WaferSight 2TM, the semiconductor industry's first metrology system that enables wafer suppliers and chipmakers to measure bare wafer flatness, shape, edge roll-off and nanotopography in a single system with the high precision and tool matching required for 45nm and beyond.