3-MMaintenance and Material Management
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Caption: Law Tactical's AR Folding Stock Adapter Gen 3-M is a kit that allows you to modify your AR-15 (an SBR shown here) so the stock folds.
For the Warp Knitting Business Unit KARL MAYER will be showing its successful duo belonging to the tricot segment: the HKS 3-M as another representative of the fourth generation of high-performance tricot machines, and the HKS 4-M EL, the high-speed machine that sets new standards in terms of patterning possibilities and productivity.
In Mumbai the HKS 3-M machine will be producing a rigid sportswear textile with a filigree, grainy surface in woven look.
The warp-knitted tulle fabrics from the HKS 3-M can be produced not only with an original design, but also in a highly efficient manner.
Apart from the increased service activities, the HKS 3-M machine , a 3rd generation to the market is ideal for strengthening the Indian warp knitting industry was officially launched on 30th June.
An example in this context is the HKS 3-M, one of the most flexible, versatile machines in KARL MAYER's product portfolio.
Latest product developments are opening up new end-uses for the warp- knitted fabrics produced on the HKS 3-M, i.
This is further reinforced by the huge demand for the HKS 3-M as a result of the rapid growth of the Chinese artificial leather industry, where warp- knitted textiles are used as thebacking substrates for PU or PVC coatings to produce animal hide effects.
Efficient production of dimensionally stable embroidery grounds The HKS 3-M can produce high-quality, fine marquisette fabrics in a gauge of E 28 for use as embroidery grounds.
With their fine, dimensionally stable construction, the embroidery grounds produced on the HKS 3-M are becoming more and more established alongside the chunkier marquisette fabrics produced on the RSE series of machines, which is one of the machines that has been traditionally used until now.
With a 50 ppm sulfur CARB fuel containing the FBC, both the uncatalyzed fiber wound filter supplied by 3-M and a catalyzed Cordierite filter supplied by Clean Air Systems of New Mexico, dropped PM emissions to 0.
01 g/bhp-hr while NOx was reduced by 20 percent using CARB fuel treated with the FBC in conjunction with the 3-M filter and a 4 degree timing change.