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SIN-1Arcsine (usually written sin ^-1; scientific calculator button)
SIN-13-morpholinosydnonimine (compound that spontaneously releases both nitric oxide and superoxide)
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Clarkson, "Responses of the post-term arterial duct to oxygen, prostaglandin E 2, and the nitric oxide donor, 3-morpholinosydnonimine, in lambs and their clinical implications," Heart, vol.
For example, L-arginine and 3-morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1; NO donor), administered intracerebroventricularly to mice, cause antinociception [16].
Furthermore, using a model of neuropathic pain in rats, Sousa and Prado [25] showed that intrathecal administration of 3-morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1), a NO donor, produces a dual dose-dependent effect.
Peroxynitrite can be produced in vitro by decomposition of 3-morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1) [2, 8].
Fibrinogen was modified by three different systems: treatment of fibrinogen (a) by malondialdehyde (MDA; 10 mM; incubation times 30, 60, and 120 minutes; dark), (b) by sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl; 1.25 mM; incubation times 5, 10, and 20 minutes) [22], and (c) by 3-morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1; 100 [micro]M; incubation times 30 and 60 minutes; vortexing every 10 min) [8].
3-Morpholinosydnonimine (Sigma-Aldrich, Prague, Czech Republic) was dissolved in 50 mM potassium phosphate buffer, pH 5.0 [8].
Lipid hydroperoxide formation in liposomes (but not isolated low-density lipoprotein) exposed to peroxynitrite or the.NO and O2.-generator SIN-1 (3-morpholinosydnonimine) was inhibited more effectively by gammaT than alphaT.
To evaluate the effect of increased concentrations of cytosolic cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) on pigment aggregation, we employed dibutyryl 3' :5'-cyclic guanosine monophosphate (db-cGMP, 10 [micro]mol [l.sup.-1], Sigma, Missouri), a lipid-per-meant cGMP analog; sodium nitroprusside (SNP, 0.5 [micro]mol [l.sup.-1], Sigma, Missouri; Almond and Paterson, 2000; Rupin et al., 2000; Chen et al., 2001) and 3-morpholinosydnonimine (S1N-1, 100 [micro]mol [l.sup.-1], Sigma, Misssouri; Elphick et al., 1993; Mathy-Hartert et al., 2000; Mayhan, 2000).
Stimulation by sodium nitroprusside (SNP) and 3-morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1) of the cytosolic guanylyl cyclase system to produce endogenous cGMP likewise induces pigment aggregation ([approximately equal to]40%) that also follows the typical kinetics of pigment translocation.
Abbreviations: cAMP, cyclic adenosine monophosphate; cGMP, cyclic guanosine monophosphate; db-cGMP, dibutyryl 3':5' -cyclic guanosine monophosphate; GC-S, soluble guanylyl cyclase; LCS, low-calcium saline; LY83583, 6-alilino-5, 8-quinolinedione; NCS, normal calcium saline; NO, nitric oxide; RPCH, red pigment concentrating hormone; SIN-1, 3-morpholinosydnonimine; SNP, sodium nitroprusside; STa, Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin; ZnPP-XI.
Donors are compounds that release NO, and several compounds have already been described, for example, sodium nitroprusside (SNP), nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine (SNAP), 3-morpholinosydnonimine (SIN-1), and diazeniumdiolates (NONOates).
Geniposide was able to protect against 3-morpholinosydnonimine hydrochloride (SIN-1)-induced oxidative stress by enhancing HO-1 expression in both PC12 cells and primary hippocampal neurons [139, 142].
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