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3.1Microsoft Windows 3.1 (operating system)
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ASMedia provides high speed IO solutions that deliver highly-efficient connectivity, such as USB 3.
By comparison, my desktop computer--a 66-Mhz 486 with twice the RAM of the laptop--which is loaded with Windows 3.
SimSci-Esscor, an operating unit of Invensys plc, has announced the release of Dynsim 3.
By indicating which developer made what changes when and linking to existing Issue/Bug tracking systems, CTO's and CIOs can authorize specific changes to those systems, By tracking the smallest details, Servoy 3.
Jeannette DeLaGarza, senior vice president of Wells Fargo Bank and chair of the CMSA investor reporting package committee, stated, "We are very pleased to introduce Version 3.
Leveraging its years of experience along with the added functionality of IPMS Version 3.
As a small or medium business grows and expands into multiple sites, the improved performance and scalability of CallRex Professional 3.
Offering its readers the most up-to-date information of the industry's new and upcoming enterprise products and services, InfoWorld captured in the review the industry's growing need to find an alternative to VMware's, and has reviewed Virtual Iron's Version 3.