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303 grants a redemption sale or exchange treatment; thus, any recognized gain or loss is capital rather than ordinary.
303 could produce (relatively harsher) dividend treatment.
303 offers a very attractive way for an estate or beneficiaries to receive desired cash with little or no negative income tax effects, three major conditions must be met for Sec.
303 is designed to mitigate cash-flow constraints typically characteristic of estates holding large blocks of closely held stock, the estate is not required to show that it otherwise could not meet its cash-flow requirements.
We are pleased that Verso is adding GR 303 capabilities to their already attractive softswitch product offering," said Greg Miller, President and CEO of Dynavar.
In connection with GR 303 compliance, Verso has begun the process of becoming certified by the USDA Rural Utilities Service (RUS).
The Photo3-D 303 Kit includes the patent-pending 303 camera attachment, simple-to-use Photo3-D Mixer software for creating the 3-D image on your Windows PC (and coming soon for Macintosh), and stylish Photo3-D glasses for viewing the 3-D pictures you create.
Mission3-D invented, manufactures and markets the patent-pending Photo3-D product line, including the Photo3-D 303 Kit, the world's first affordable, user-friendly device enabling personal 3-D digital photography.
distribution subsidiary of Ugine-Savoie Imphy, the world's largest producer of stainless steel long products (bar, wire, and wire rod), developed and specifically formulated 303 UGIMA XL to provide a much wider latitude of performance in low and high speed machining applications.
Through the use of new and beneficial modifications to the steel-making process, 303 UGIMA XL builds upon the proprietary Ugima(R) melting process to allow for excellent machinability across a wider range of operations and cutting conditions.
303 UGIMA XL(TM) represents advancements we've made over our standard 303 Ugima(R) grade, which broadens the machining spectrum across which our new material can be used successfully.
Walsh said that based on testing and sampling among customers, 303 Ugima(R) XL(TM) should result in productivity increases of between 40 to 100 percent compared with existing Type 303 grades, including Ugine's.