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According to the company, VEN 307 is its proprietary formulation of diltiazem, which has been exclusively licensed for North America from SLA Pharma AG, who is conducting a development programme in Europe.
307 with 5,000 S/F of ground floor and basement space.
The 308 GT has a higher top speed than the 307 equivalent but is slower off the mark and boasts a 10 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions.
Anyone looking at the 307 range would be foolish to bypass the HDi versions as they combine an impressive mix of economy and performance.
Out on the road, the 307 CC quickly lets the driver know that it's a composed runner that's up for a bit of fun.
The 307 is renowned for its space with a number of clever storage ideas including under-seat drawers and large door bins.
One Vulcan Drive, PO Box 307, Helena, AL, 35080 tel: 205/663-6732 fax: 205/663-9103#
Kathryn, pictured here with Peugeot sales and marketing director Mark O'Connell, took delivery of the silver 307 outside Peugeot's Irish HQ in Dublin.
Peugeot is renaming the car from E to Urban and the new model is basically the same car with the addition of air conditioning and more upmarket interior trim from the 307 S.
The facelift centres on the new nose; the 307 now shares a family appearance with the 407 saloon and 1007 supermini.
6-litre Sport model and rise to pounds 21,000 for the 307 CC 2.
Using the high performance two-litre engine that already powers the sexy looking Peugeot 307 Coupe Convertible, the Feline gives extra bite to the 307 hatchback models.