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311Omaha Police Code for Indecent Exposure (band)
311Police Non-Emergency Service Request (Washington, DC)
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Improve transparency and efficiency of operations with an open 311 solution.
In December 2005, Somerville became the first New England community to use a 311 system, which consolidates all municipal department telephone numbers into one easy-to-remember, three-digit number - 311.
Hahn said city crews have caught up with complaints phoned in to the 311 system and filled nearly 5,000 potholes - 1,500 of them over the past weekend.
The taxpayer must write at the top of the amended return: "Election Under Section 311 of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997" or "FILED PURSUANT TO [section] 301.
Plans are in the works to rebuild the downtown hamlet, refurbish the railroad station, build a new community center and town hail, and re-align Route 311.
San Francisco 311 was named the gold winner with Boston Citizens Connect named silver finalist and first runner-up.
The 311 system would consolidate the 42 city department phone numbers into one.
Residents can call the city's 311 service line to report problems with stagnant water on private or public property or for picking up dead birds.
NYSE:BE), one of the world's largest management and technology consulting firms, announced today that it has signed a contract to deploy a unified 311 non-emergency contact center computer system for the City of Toronto.
CharMeck 311 officials were looking for a system that would allow citizen service representatives to access an extensive knowledge base, provide real-time reporting and integrate with back-end information systems.
Chris Vein, CIO, City of San Francisco, said, "Having our CRM vendor, Lagan, support the Open 311 initiative and build it into their product, makes it possible for native integration into Open 311, strengthening the Open Gov movement and bringing another level of support and technical capability from the IT community into the Open 311 discussion.
Opening with "Beautiful Disaster," 311 marched through 19 other songs before stepping off stage and coming back for a three-song encore.