3115Import, Supply or Produce Class B Drug (police radio code; New Zealand)
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A taxpayer that is not under examination at the time it files a Form 3115 generally will receive the following terms and conditions:
" Dial up ease of use According to BLI, the Xerox DocuMate 3115 offers users the ability to choose from up to six one-touch scan profiles by simply turning a front panel dial to the desired number that corresponds to a scanning configuration and destination.
* Files an amended return or Form 3115 within the time described above to claim such depreciation.
BARRY FLETCHER 128 Clarence Road Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield B74 4QU Tel: 0121 308 3115
In general, all forms 3115 filed on or after May 15, 1997, must be filed during the year of change.
92-20 for a Form 3115 filed for a taxable year ending on or after May 15, 1997, and which is pending on or after May 15, 1997, unless the taxpayer requests in writing by the later of June 15, 1997, or the date the ruling letter is issued, to apply the terms and conditions of Rev.
Although the apparent runner-up as far as kinematic evidence goes, NGC 3115 appears to be the heavyweight champ among the leading black hole contenders, with a mass more than a billion times that of the sun.
2015-13, a taxpayer that was under IRS examination as of the date the taxpayer filed Form 3115 generally could not file the change unless it filed within the 90-day or 120-day window, obtained director consent, filed an automatic change that lacked audit protection, or filed for an issue pending.
The new rules--revenue procedure 97-27--reduce or eliminate many of the complexities involved with filing form 3115. For example, there no longer are different classification categories, and a single adjustment period for both positive and negative adjustments replaces the various adjustment period requirements in the old rules.
Statutory changes often trigger an obligation by taxpayers to file a separate Form 3115 (Application for Change in Accounting Method) for each corporate affiliate.
Automatic Extension of Time to File an Automatic Form 3115
To say that the CEP taxpayer should file Form 3115 immediately is to ignore the requirement imposed under subsection 6.06 that the taxpayer obtain the consent from the District Director - a requirement likely to produce an outcome least favorable to the taxpayer (i.e., a prospective spread for negative adjustments and retroactive examination changes for positive adjustments.) TEI believes that employing the designation process in this fashion is highly improper.(13)