3150Possess Class C Drugs (police radio code; New Zealand)
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26, at the forestry department's Springfield District office, 3150 Main St.
Master Bond's new EP44 two-component adhesive sets or gels in 3 min at ambient temperature and cures in a few hours at ambient temperature to develop high bond shear strength of more than 3150 psi.
The new record of 3150 m/min was achieved on a two-sided OptiSpray coating station at Metso Paper's pilot coater at its Surface Treatment Technology Center in Jarvenpaa, Finland.
Road One Express; 3150 Norman Berry Drive, East Point, GA; 404-607-1400, www.roadlexpress.com
Anyone wanting to know more should contact Yvonne Grayon (0141) 300 3150.
An electronic leak detector system is fitted as standard in the top of the range model (the Husky 3150 3A) and is optional on the other two models in the range.
Also in Aquarius is the planet Uranus (RA 22 16 47 Dec--11 3150), this is obviously much fainter but can still be seen as a blue/green disk in telescopes with aperture 6- inch or larger.
The Internationals will be over 550yds (32,000 to the winner; 3500 second; 3200 third; 3100 others) and 750yds (32,500 to the winner; 3700 second; 3300 third; 3150 others).
3150 also requires the random deployment of Federal Air Marshals on domestic flights and for the placement of federal and state law enforcement at each screening location.
The bank covers the 950 to 3150 MHz range in three hands each just under one octave.
Pursuing this development, the company also announced the NexStor 3150, a device that integrates FC RAID controllers within the same enclosure.