3854Fail Comply Condition Of Order (non-firearm; police radio code; New Zealand)
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3854 claim that it will generate an estimated $44 billion in new lending.
Metallocene-catalyzed Achieve 3854 polypropylene provides uniformity for high speed, fine denier applications while ExxonMobil Chemical's meltblown grades offer ultra-high melt flow rates that provide high barrier performance for demanding healthcare and filtration applications.
Anyone who knows Richard Moore should contact the club on 024 7634 3854.
This in effect adopts the report byaDavid Martin (S&D, United Kingdom), on 25 November in Strasbourg, which also takes into account other changes under the Lisbon Treaty, including the strengthening of the Parliament's legislative and budgetary powers (see Europolitics 3854)
Contract awarded for 4202n01-one way piano type switch 6 amps suitable for working on 240v ac, 50 hz, single phase supply, colour white and conforming to is 3854 or latest, similar to gm make, model no.
Giving details he said Rs 3854 million had been spent on the construction of N-10, N-85,and M-8 linking Gwadar with rest of the country in 2008-9, Rs 3738 million in 2009-10, Rs 1946 million in 2010-11, Rs 1630 million during 2011-12 and 2359 million during 2012-13.
Tenders are invited for Supply of one-way modular switch (crabtree make thames) as per is 3854: 1997,supply of 3 pin shuttered plug socket modular type (crabtree make thames) as per is 1293: 1988,supply of 3 pin plug top with indicator (crabtree make sapphire),supply of 2 modules high speed fan regulator for ceiling fan (crabtree make thames etc...
Switch 6Amp Is: 3854 (MODEL NO-SW/475,CM/L 9637294)
Contract awarded for 20 amp one way,dp switch,2 module, 230v, 50hz ac, white color, as per i s 3854 ( isi marked), having size of cover plate 45mm x 43 mm & the size of internal / concealed portion of switch to insert in existing slot is 38mmx38mm x 30mm, samples shall be submitted along with the offers failing which the offers would be out rightly rejected.