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The cost for the seminar is $175 for members of 3CMA and $200 for non-members.
Griffies, President of 3CMA and public information officer of Marietta, Georgia.
The 3CMA annual conference, where the entries will be displayed, is a premier event for local government communications and marketing professionals throughout the nation, providing working sessions and information exchange on every aspect of communications within local government and communications with residents.
To receive a brochure and entry form for the competition, contact 3CMA at 708/707-0880, email c3ma@aol.
3CMA shares our belief that local governments should strive to improve their marketing and communications skills with all their publics as an integral part of modern public management.
NLC and 3CMA have cooperated on a variety of information-exchange activities during the past three years, and are working jointly to develop publications on local government marketing and communications to benefit city and county governments and the citizens they serve.
These new partnerships will strengthen the `Savvy' awards and our organizations," said 3CMA President Jack Ingstad of Eagle County, Colo.
and a member of 3CMA the City-County Communications & Marketing Association.
Source: 3CMA Eighth Annual Awards: skills and tools for reinforcing and strenghtening community.
Carl Nettleton is communications manager for the city of San Diego and a member of 3CMA, the City-County Communications and Marketing Association.
won a "Savvy" award from 3CMA, a national communications and marketing association, for its post-bankruptcy communication and advocacy campaign that helped guide 31 Orange County cities through the aftermath of the largest local government bankruptcy in history.