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3CRThree Counties Radio (BBC Radio Station)
3CR3rd Commando Regiment (gaming clan)
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Denying the Jewish Experience of Oppression: Jews against Zionism and Anti-Semitism and the 3CR Controversy.
For example, 3CR in Melbourne (a station with a left-wing ideology), broadcasts in Basque, Oromo, Pashto, Somali and Zaza, none of which were available on SBS.
In Australia, the Jews against Zionism and Anti-Semitism (JAZA) group was formed by a small group of marxists in the 1970s for the sole purpose of defending community radio station 3CR against well-documented allegations of anti-Semitism raised by the Victorian Jewish Board of Deputies.
Of particular interest was Xanana's unavailability for an interview with 3CR Community Radio (where we are both workers), while he was made available to right-wing commercial disc jockey Neil Mitchell at 3AW.
In 1998 3CR Community Radio provided extensive and crucial coverage of the Maritime Union of Australia's dispute at Webb Dock in Melbourne.
The role that 3CR played in the MUA dispute was neither isolated nor coincidental.
At this time community media, such as 3CR, were in a unique -- but not accidental w situation of having had direct access to affected people through links to the community for over twenty years.
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Through the integration of Surety's technology, E-LabBook will provide scientific researchers at 3CR, a collaborative research center targeting digital media and communications, with a flexible and secure means of storing information gathered through experimental research.