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3CRThree Counties Radio (BBC Radio Station)
3CR3rd Commando Regiment (gaming clan)
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They need the relational space of existential creativity (3CR) offered in creative experiential therapy to feel more alive and find the courage to progressively open to self, others and/or the world (3MD).
In conclusion, this one-pot 3CR giving good to high yields of isoxazole-5(4H)-ones using KI as the commercially available catalyst.
The rate of increase in specific creep shows relatively similar trend for concrete compressive strength 67, 57, and 47 MPa (1CR, 2CR and 3CR).
Also on stage will be 3CR, a hardcore punk band who are becoming well-known on Manchester's punk scene..
In Australia, for example, a small group of Marxist Jews formed the Jews Against Zionism and Antisemitism (JAZA) group in 1979 to defend community radio station 3CR against well-documented accusations of anti-Jewish racism.
I am a member of the IAEVG, a registered psychologist, run a career consultancy business, called Career Plan, with a partner, and I am Chair of the Australian Film Critics Association, as well as broad-casting film reviews and interviews each week on Melbourne radio 3CR, and writing film articles and reviews for various internet sites, Independent Education and Australian Screen Education.
IRU Analysis 2003 through 3rd Quarter 2004 Multiple Comparisons Dependent Mean Difference Significance Variable (I-J) Standard Error p value 1C 2R, 3CR 2.263 0.740 0.010 -0.992 1.143 0.778 2R 1C, 3CR -2.263 0.740 0.010 -3.255 0.982 0.016 3CR 1C, 2R 0.992 1.143 0.778 3.255 0.982 0.016 1C--ICU only; 2R--IRU only; 3CR--ICU and IRU
Looking like short-haired versions of The Ramones, reformed rockers 3CR returned to the live stage and proved they're back to their blazing best.
Several public stations (often community access) devote time to broadcasting in community languages, for example, 3CR in Melbourne, 5UV in Adelaide, 3INR in Heidelberg (a Melbourne suburb) and 4TTT in Townsville.
Briefly, the extract was filtered using an ACRO LC 13 (0.45 [micro]m) filter and then injected into a 20-[micro] L loop on a Perkin-Elmer HPLC system with a Pecosphere 3CR C18 (0.46 x 8.3 cm) reverse-phase column.
By midday, Community Radio 3CR was able to report that no member of staff had been able to get into the complex since 7:45 a.m.