3D-FDTDThree Dimensional Finite Differential Time Domain (also abbreviated as 3DFDTD)
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The reflectance spectra that were obtained by the 3D-FDTD simulation demonstrate that the pointed NPSiS exhibited better antireflection properties than the frustum NPSiS.
As it is difficult to know the light modulation of only one of these defects through experiments, in this work we utilized the 3D-FDTD methods to simulate the modulation of each defect to the incident laser.
To accurately analyze and take into account the electromagnetic couplings between the rectifying circuit and the patch antennas, the full-wave three-dimensional Finite Difference Time Domain 3D-FDTD method [22] has been introduced.
In a second step, the proposed rectenna was simulated and analyzed using the full-wave 3D-FDTD method extended to lumped linear and non-linear elements.
In this paper, the results calculated from the ordinary 3D-FDTD simulation of the whole computational domain are used to provide a benchmark for comparison.
Figure 5 graphs both the horizontal and vertical electric fields obtained from the proposed method and the ordinary 3D-FDTD method.
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The band engineering of the proposed device is investigated by using the three- dimensional finite difference time domain (3D-FDTD) method.