3D-FEMThree-Dimensional Finite Element Method
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Romeral, "Redesign process of a 765 kVRMS AC substation connector by means of 3D-FEM simulations", Sim.
In this paper, to obtain the field distribution for SLSRM the three-dimensional finite element method (3D-FEM) is used which can be conveniently calculating the motor parameters.
For comparative study, the conventional single layer SRM with the same volume and area is also simulated and analyzed by 3D-FEM. The flux density of this 6/4 SRM is illustrated in Figure 5 for unaligned, half aligned and fully aligned positions.
In this paper, a novel 4 by 4 SRM namely as SLSRM, with seven magnetically independent layers was proposed, analytically designed and modeled utilizing 3D-FEM in various conditions.
6), and in order to improve the accuracy of the final design attained, a further refinement is carried out with the help of 3D-FEM simulations of the optimized motor (step 2 in Fig.
Therefore, a 3D-FEM model of the AFPM is generated from the solution attained in step 1.
As it is well known, although radial-flux machines are often simulated by means of two-dimensional finite elements analysis, an axial flux machine must be modeled by means of three-dimensional finite elements methods (3D-FEM) due to its inherent three-dimensional geometry.
8 plots the 3D-FEM model along with the permanent magnets and a partial view of the 3D-mesh applied in the FEM simulations.
10 shows the output torque, back-EMF and phase inductance obtained through 3D-FEM simulations
The design process has been assisted by means of a hybrid method combining a set of analytical equations and 3D-FEM simulations, taking care of reducing the demanding computational burden due to an intensive use of 3D-FEM simulations.
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