3DELRRThree Dimensional Expeditionary Long-Range Radar (USMC)
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Raytheon's 3DELRR program director Andrew Hajek said, As the U.
Designed to replace the current AN/TPS-75 radar systems, 3DELRR will be the primary Air Force ground-based, long-range radar for detecting airborne threats.
Based on Northrop Grumman's active electronically scanned array radar technology, the company's 3DELRR solution is a mobile, radar system that will give the Air Force powerful new air defense capabilities, the firm said.
By choosing Raytheon~s 3DELRR solution, the Air Force is purchasing an affordable, exportable radar," said David Gulla, Vice President, Global Integrated Sensors at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.
Raytheon~s 3DELRR system is a gallium nitride (GaN)-based radar that operates in the C-band of the radio frequency spectrum.
and other countries look to replace aging battlefield radars with low-cost yet cutting edge and highly capable systems, Raytheon~s 3DELRR can meet that growing demand," said Andrew Hajek, Raytheon~s 3DELRR Program Director.
The 3DELRR radar would serve as the principal long-range, ground-based sensor for detection, identification, tracking and reporting of aircraft and missiles at extended ranges in support of combatant commanders.
Only advanced technology long-range radar like 3DELRR can do that.
Lockheed Martin has 178 long-range radars operational around the world and has made significant investments to reduce risk and drive affordability for the 3DELRR program.
Only advanced technology long-range radar like 3DELRR can do that, said Mark Mekker, director of ground-based surveillance radar for Lockheed Martin s Mission Systems & Sensors business.
At the time, the radar s design addressed 100 percent of 3DELRR requirements, including critical extended air surveillance reach for early warning from threats, such as aircraft and ballistic missiles.