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3DESTriple Data Encryption Standard (168 Bit)
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The paper is targeted to all deployers of ATMs, whether they are already in a 3DES Compliance Project, or have yet to launch one.
Marconi's decision to support 3DES for SNMPv3 demonstrates a thorough understanding of security threats and how to guard against them," said Dr.
In direct response to small offices' continuing demands for increased security over all Internet connections, Ramp designed the 361i to include various enterprise-level Virtual Private Networking (VPN) support, including PPTP with 128 bit encryption and IPSec with 3DES encryption.
These capabilities combined with the move from 3DES to AES encryption means users get the security they need with the ease-of-use they want.
For VPN communications, the IP350 delivers 3DES VPN-1 throughput of 60 Mbps with its on-board encryption chip, while the IP380 can reach out-of-the-box VPN-1 throughput of 90 Mbps.
AirTegrity networking products include built-in firewalls and the most secure encryption technology available, including AES, DES and 3DES, which provides exceptional security for commercial enterprise or residential-based network environments.
The NetScreen-50 appliance is a high-performance integrated security appliance, offering 170 Mbps of firewall and 45 Mbps of 3DES or AES VPN performance with support for 64,000 concurrent sessions and 500 VPN tunnels.