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3DESTriple Data Encryption Standard (168 Bit)
3DESTriple Data Encryption Standard
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Before starting cryptography process we identify: the number of iterations (NI), the cryptography algorithm (DES, 3DES, AES, RC2), and the cryptography direction (ED--encryption or decryption).
The embedded security firmware makes it easy to implement fully user-defined non-volatile storage of sensitive or secret data; set up identity-based authentication with user, administrator and manufacturer roles; perform authentication, digital signature, encryption/decryption, on-chip public key pair generation and other advanced cryptographic operations using keys and data from the file system; and provide secure communication channels using 3DES or AES.
Jetstream's security IP core family includes AES, 3DES, CCM, GCM, XTS, Hashing cores, PKC accelerator for RSA[TM], and multi-standard cores.
Based on 3DES encryption standards and available for PalmOS, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows platforms, ION Secure 520 Soft Tokens are software applications designed to replace physical authentication tokens found in the form of a smart card or key fob.
These capabilities combined with the move from 3DES to AES encryption means users get the security they need with the ease-of-use they want.