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3DOFThree Degrees of Freedom
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These results indicate that the position (3DOF) is well detected by both methods and that the position and posture (6DOF) are difficult to estimate correctly using only 2D images.
It should be noted that our method of propagating error is an extension of the work done by Haralick [8] on 3DOF data.
We accumulated the Users' Input & Output actions on the IKD device along with the actions they apply on the 3d virtual objects, as referred in the table below: Actions on Objects Users Input / Output on Device Explore / Touch Move independently and Pick up- accurately two figures Move / Rotate (index and thumb) Release / Place / Throw - Feel 3DOF forces (weight, Pull / Push torque, collision) on two figures independently-- Perceive different types of surfaces independently in each fingertip of two figures The users can investigate and explore various 10 objects and feel their material, surface, size, shape, etc.
Wood, "Design, fabrication, and analysis of a 3DOF, 3cm flapping-wing MAV," in 2007 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp.
Requirement Remarks DOF 3DOF Torque Calculate by considering weight, type of mechanism, DOF, size, material (80-120 Nm) Axis of rotation Mediolateral axis, longitudinal axis, transverse axis Type of mechanism Coil spring, leaf spring, clutch, linkages, rolling joints, actuators, SEA, gears Movable range Refer to Table 1 Size Approximately length 275 mm, width 100 mm, height 85 mm Weight Approximately 0.85-1.5 kg Fabrication material Carbon fiber or aluminum Attachment method Osseointegration, couplings, or pyramid adapters Table 3: Methods of classification of adaptive foot prostheses.
Because attitude and density correction data are not directly available from TLEs, the predictions are carried out using 3DOF propagation and a standard empirical atmospheric density model.
The objective of this research is a 3DOF 2D guided mechanical system "cross-beam ED, cables AE and BD, moving bridge crane A, moving bridge crane B."
(2012) "Determining the Workspace in Case of the Robots with Parallel Structure Delta 3DOF" In "Proc.
The derivatives of each state are obtained by differentiating the global interpolating polynomials, such that the 3DOF equations of motion at the collocation nodes are transcribed into algebraic constraints.
The problems under study are exemplified by synthesis of a position and yaw angle control system for a drillship described by a 3DOF nonlinear mathematical model of low-frequency motions over the drilling point.
The first method, 3DOF registration, is used in many applications where only 3D points are acquired (15-17).