3DPThree-Dimensional Plasma (physics)
3DPThree-Dimensional Processor (parallel computing architecture)
3DPThree-Dimensional Packaging
3DPThree-Dimensional Printing
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This event offers a great opportunity to further showcase our broad TPU portfolio aiming to serve all thermoplastic 3DP technologies including FDM (Fuse Deposition Modeling or Fused Filament Fabrication), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and MJF (Multi Jet Fusion - proprietary HP technology).
Dr Redha said, "Seventeen companies are currently active in Dubai in the 3DP space, of which three are advisers.
Antonio Benedetti, CEO of Cycle said: "Aprecia's ZipDose 3DP technology can formulate fast-melt pharmaceutical products, incorporating significantly higher amounts of active pharmaceutical ingredient than any other fast-melt technology on the market.
Unfortunately, the tentative attempt indicates that the 3DP products based on pure PA6 are seriously warped.
Beyond ZipDose Technology, the company sees additional 3DP platforms as a means to provide breakthrough products in multiple dose forms.
Phanes is known for their 3D Printing E-Commerce Platform Phanes 3DP.
The digitally driven Aerosol Jet-based 3DP process provides full design flexibility, with quick iteration and minimum lead-time for last-minute changes.
Once the average business and consumer owns 3DP technology, we will see a revolution in design and manufacturing.
The hype around consumer 3D printing has made enterprises aware that the price point and functionality of 3DP has changed significantly over the last five years, driving increased shipments beginning in 2014," said Basiliere.
Most businesses are only now beginning to fully comprehend all of the ways in which a 3DP can be cost-effectively used in their organizations, from prototyping and product development to fixtures and molds that are used to manufacture or assemble an item to drive finished goods.
The full application can be inspected by contacting Denbighshire County Council Licensing Authority: Representations can be made between the 4th February 2011 and 4th March 2011 IN WRITING TO The Principal Licensing Officer Planning and Public Protection Services Denbighshire County Council Russel House Churton Road Rhyl LL18 3DP E-Mail - licensing@denbighshire.
Summary: New ZOTACEeA GeForceEeA GTX 460 3DP enables up to four simultaneous independent displays from a single graphics card