3DPThree-Dimensional Printing
3DPThree Dimensional Programming
3DP3 Decimal Places (mathematics)
3DPThree Drag Pass
3DPThree-Dimensional Packaging
3DPThree-Dimensional Plasma (physics)
3DPThree-Dimensional Processor (parallel computing architecture)
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But as 3DP gains a firmer foothold in manufacturing beyond the rapid generation of part prototypes, industry-leading companies are crafting plastics for specific medical uses.
Aprecia is currently positioned to expand its 3DP technology across multiple therapeutic categories globally and has recently signed an agreement with a leading CDMO in Japan as part of this long term strategy.
Dr Redha said, "Seventeen companies are currently active in Dubai in the 3DP space, of which three are advisers.
Additive manufacturing such as 3DP utilizes a digital computer-aided design to build a 3-dimensional model by adding successive layers of material rather than through subtractive manufacturing, potentially leading to decreased manufacturing waste (Figure 1) [1].
Unfortunately, the tentative attempt indicates that the 3DP products based on pure PA6 are seriously warped.
British company AI Build is using artificial intelligence to improve the speed and reliability of 3DP construction.
Beyond ZipDose Technology, the company sees additional 3DP platforms as a means to provide breakthrough products in multiple dose forms.
"Phanes is known for their 3D Printing E-Commerce Platform Phanes 3DP. This leap outside the 3D Printing Industry will hopefully get us some mainstream e-commerce sellers.
Tien (2011) and Berman (2012) believed that 3DP and other digital technologies could combine together and let everyone participate in the manufacturing of goods through online platform [3, 4].
The report covers jetliners, helicopters, and smaller civilian aircraft and analyzes 3DP's influence on aerospace manufacturing.
LITE-ON, a global contract manufacturer, has pioneered a 3D Direct Printing (3DP) solution that enables 3D antenna patterns and other functional electronics to be integrated into virtually any mechanical structure or cover - maximizing design flexibility, ensuring optimal placement and performance, and allowing slimmer product designs.
COPIES OF THE DRAFT ORDER AND RELEVANT PLAN will be available for inspection during normal opening hours at Walker Post Office, 9 Church Walk, Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3DP in the 28 days commencing on 21 April 2015, and may be obtained, free of charge, from the Secretary of State (quoting NATTRAN/NE/S247/1817) at the address stated below.