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3GIOThird Generation Input Output
3GIOThird-Generation Input/Output (now called PCI Express)
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Second, don't count PCI down-and-out or discard 3GIO because it is so far away (2004).
PCI Express, which until today, has been known only by its codename 3GIO, will enable high-speed connection of components inside computer systems as well as offer increased bandwidth for emerging applications.
HCL's key focus is to provide efficient, reusable and scalable functional verification solutions using the OpenVera hardware verification language for protocol-based SoCs that use Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Synchronous Optical Network (SONET), 10G Ethernet, 3GIO and HyperTransport standards.
develops and distributes switch fabric silicon solutions with the InfiniBand(TM), RapidIO(TM) and the emerging 3GIO industry standard.
Intel executives, in remarks at the Intel Developer Forum, Spring 2002, also outlined the progress of several industry initiatives such as 3GIO, a high speed interconnection technology between devices within the computer; the Intel(R) Personal Client Architecture (PCA) developer network, a support network for wireless developers; and a new Mobility Enabling Program, designed to enhance the future of mobile PCs.