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3GLThird Generation Language
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Table-6: Parameters of Thomas model at different experimental conditions for Dimarine Yellow HF- 3GL.
TABLA IV ESTIMACION DE LOS EFECTOS ADITIVO Y DOMINANCIA OBTENIDOS EN EL ANALISIS DE MEDIAS GENERACIONALES PARA EL PORCENTAJE DE PLANTAS RESISTENTES AL MDMV-V, EN TRES CRUZAS DE MAIZ Y SUS RESPECTIVAS [F.sub.1], [F.sub.2], RCPS Y RCPR Modelo Cruzas Paramctros (1) CML49xCML247 CML161xCML247 CML264xCML247 m 51,08 [+ o 49,91 [+ o 53,26 [+ o -] 0,58 ** -] 2,67 ** -] 3,51 ** d 45,89 [+ o 44,81 [+ o 41,79 [+ o -] 0,58 ** -] 2,6 6** -] 3,54 ** h 21,81 [+ o 18,51 [+ o 15,99 [+ o -] 3,53 ** -] 6,42 ns -] 9,29 ns [ji al cuadrado] (3gl) 0,817 2,93 2,93 [+ o -] error estandar, (1) m: media, d: efecto aditivo, h: efecto dominante.
El valor de chi cuadrada en estos datos es 55.3 (3gl) y con una probabilidad asociada de p<.001.
These articles also note that the high cost of developing third-generation language (3GL) is slowing down progress to the point where some people think the technology will be too expensive to make the product attractive to a large market.
(3) Over the years Baan has released six different versions of its ERP system (3GL; Triton, versions 1, 2 and 3; Baan IV; and the recently released BaanERP).
--The implementation paradigm, which can be 3GL programming, Rapid Application Development (RAD), wizard-based, or a mix thereof.
UK IT market analyst, Ovum Ltd has warned modeling tool vendors that they must move their tools toward component-based development or risk being sidelined or acquired by 3GL vendors which are moving in on the market.
What accountants must look for as they move forward from 3GL is for a 4GL that solves the inherent 3GL shortcomings, yet enables them to advance.