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3GPP23rd Generation Partnership Project 2
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TIA took part in 3GPP2 and the US interests are presently represented by ATIS.
We can see that the lowest bitrate loss corresponds to the 3GPP2 system with the least cell
3GPP is considering cellular networks and WLANs interworking, while IEEE 802.21 is considering a media-independent handoff between LAN, WLAN, WiMax in IEEE, and cellular networks in 3GPP and 3GPP2. We envisage that other technologies for WPANs, such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, and WiMedia, will also be integrated together with LAN, WLANs, WiMax, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IS-95, CDMA2000, HSPA, and LTE cellular networks, as shown in Figure 2.
The specification achieves higher data-rates by switching to more sophisticated methods of coding (8PSK), within existing GSM timeslots.vbCrLFBoth 3GPP and 3GPP2 are currently working on further extensions to 3G standards, named Long Term Evolution and Ultra Mobile Broadband, respectively.
Roughly stated the same the division could be made between the centrally driven telecom world (mainly driven by 3GPP and 3GPP2) and the internet world (spearheaded by IEEE technologies) emerging from the edges.
La propuesta se desarrolla sobre Mobile IPv6 y su extension en redes WiMAX, 3GPP y 3GPP2. La simulacion fue realizada con distintos tipos de trafico y demostro mejoras sustanciales con la disminucion en la latencia.
"Today, many operators can claim multi-standard base station solution, embracing 2G through 4G, and 3GPP as well as 3GPP2 technologies.
The aim of this article is to show in detail how the turbo interleavers defined in the cdma2000 EV-DO Revision B (3GPP2 C.S0024B V2.0) [10] and W-CDMA (3GPP TS 25.212 V7.6.0) [11] standards work, what are their main characteristics, and what are the design principles used by each one.
Built on Openet's Fusion Works Platform, Policy Manager is compliant with 3GPP, 3GPP2, Cable Labs and WiMax Forum architectures and standards for policy and charging control, and leverages IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) as a reference architecture.
Two major standards for wideband mobile displays, known as 3GPP and 3GPP2, are competing for market dominance.
QUALCOMM's next-generation Cell Site Modem(TM) (CSM(TM)) CSM8900(TM) and Mobile Data Modem(TM) (MDM(TM)) MDM8900(TM) modem chip solutions will support the latest 3GPP2 UMB standard, expected to be finalized within the first half of this year.
To enable fixed mobile convergence networks, the 3GPP2 has defined an element called the Packet Data Interworking Function (PDIF).