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3HOHealthy Happy Holy Organization (Española, NM)
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Connie Elsberg, a sociology professor at Northern Virginia Community College who studied 3HO and wrote a book about female members, said the court battles now being fought are a turning point for the community and its businesses.
His 3HO foundation describes its mission as to "practice and share the teachings of Yogi Bhajan so that they may serve, inspire, and empower humanity to be healthy, happy, and holy.
It's the meltdown of a cult," said Kamalla Kaur, who spent nearly 20 years in 3HO, and now runs an Internet forum for ex-members.
Steven Hassan, a Massachusetts-based author, counselor and former leader of the Moon cult in the 1970s, said he has counseled about two dozen former 3HO members, including leaders, over the years.
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