3KLThree-Karma Loss (GameFAQs)
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3KL during 1999, Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat Research Document 2001/161.
Canopy (60Nos), 300 Ltr UT Freezer (60Nos), Inverter with Battery (60Nos), Shipper Box(220Nos), 405 Ltr Freezer (30Nos), Cream Pump 5 KLPH(5Nos), Ghee Clarifier 2KLPH (1No), Cream Storage Tank 3KL (2Nos), Paneer Plant Equipments, Butter Packing Machine(1 No), Continuous Chocobar Making Machine 4000 Pcs/Hr(1No), Continuous Ice Cream Freezer 400 LPH (1No), BMC 2KL (7 Nos), BMC 3KL (22 Nos), BMC 5KL(10 Nos), Multi Purpose Vat(1 No),Cup Filling Machine (1No), Plate Heat Exchanger 10KL PH (1No), Palada Packing Machine (1No)and Computer Hardware and Software.
Tenders are invited for Supply errection and commissioning of Single circuit CIP System 3KL 1 No.