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3LWThree Little Women (band)
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The 3LW hit includes the lyrics, "Playas, they gonna play / And haters, they gonna hate".
The application relates to the following premises: Princes Casino, 528 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3LW This variation is to relocate the casino premises licence to Glassford 2 Casino, 16-18 Glassford Street, Glasgow, G1 1UL The application has been made to: City of Glasgow Licensing Board Information about the application is available from the licensing authority, including the arrangements for viewing the details of the application.
She looked great in that shoot, dont't get me wrong In the end, she should've just stuck with 3LW.
tween group 3LW members Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams, and actress Sabrina Bryan.
Bailon and Williams also moonlight as members of the r&b trio 3LW.
CONTACT: Sylvia Hardaker, Capistrano, 1 Chyandour Square, Gulval, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 3LW.
To comment on the draft proposals write to Price Review Views, United Utilities,Dawson House,Great Sankey, Warrington, WA5 3LW.
com Stephen Fletcher 2nd Floor, Abbey House 74 Mosley Street Manchester M2 3LW Tel: 0161 234 0300 Fax: 0161 234 0301 Manchester@psdgroup.
The event, which also featured top name acts like Beyonce Knowles, her younger sister Solange and 3LW, was the brainchild of Willie Greene, young entrepreneur and TV presenter.
MTV, which presented U2, 'N Sync and Staind this year, took it a step further as Clear Channel assembled a TRL Tour starring Destiny's Child and featuring Dream, Eve, 3LW, Nelly and Jessica Simpson.
AS a new all-girl R&B group from New Jersey, you'd expect 3LW to have an 'attitude'.