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3NFThird Normal Form
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A relation is in third normal form (abbreviated 3NF) if it is in 2NF and none of its non-key attributes are transitively dependent upon any candidate key [6], [1], [7].
Thus, the basic idea is similar to normalization of relational data, when the second normal form (2NF), the third normal form (3NF), or the Boyce-Codd normal form (BCND) are to be achieved.
We show that, when F satisfies the intersection property, the notions of 2NF and 3NF are equivalent.
Algorithms for synthesis into 3NF include Bernstein (1976) and Biskup et al.
Though the molecules' low reduction potential suggested both should be strongly mutagenic in bacteria (a gauge of potential carcinogenicity), only 3NF was.
Funeral Service on Tuesday, December 13th at The Protestant Free Church, University Road, Bootle, L20 3NF at 10.15 a.m., followed by Cremation at Thornton Crematorium.
Tel: 017687 76234 The Wild Boar Inn, Crook Road, Windermere, Cumbria, LA24 3NF. Tel: 015394 45225 INDULGENT The Wild Boar Inn is close to Windermere in the heart of the Gilpin Valley Again this was a lovely, traditional establishment, with oak beams and an open fire, dating back to the 16th Century when it started life as a coaching inn.
Intuitive normalization procedure [10] could be applied to legacy logical schema that is optimised in expert manner, transitive functional dependencies are not included in recovered schema and it is in 3NF. Therefore the requirements of DB structural fullness could be fulfilled in forward development of reengineering process.
Rob & Coronel (2007) take the stance that "Almost all business designs use 3NF as the ideal normal form" (p.
The London Archive Users' Forum, 13 Grovewood Sandycombe Rd, Richmond TW9 3NF Tel: 020 8296 8794 This year's London Archive Users' Forum convenes at the PRO with a focus on trends and innovations within the capital's archives and how these affect a range of users--from family historians to film researchers, teachers to academics.
Codd [1972] proposed three normal forms, first, second, and third (denoted 1NF/2NF/ 3NF).
In the decomposition approach, a set of relations that are not in 3NF [13] are decomposed into 3NF relations by using a set of FDs [12, 15].