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3NFThird Normal Form
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An alternative (simpler) definition is a relation is in 3NF if in every non-trivial dependency X [right arrow] A either X is a super key or A is a key attribute (i.
The following procedure is used to decompose 2NF relations into 3NF.
A schema R = (U, F) is in 3NF if for every FD X [right arrow] A [member of] [F.
In practice, 3NF is accepted as the most desirable form of relational schemas It does not eliminate all redundancies but guaranties dependency preservation.
We first formalize the concepts of 2NF, 3NF, and BCNF [Ullman 1988; Mannila and Raiha 1992; Atzeni and De Antonellis 1993].
They do not make a distinction between the BKNF and 3NF but use the definition of BKNF as the definition of 3NF (p.
In this way, our approach does not produce objects that are equivalent to the 3NF, BCNF, or 4NF (if an object is seen as a relation), but produces an object that derives the user's GD-constraints.
These dependencies are then used for normalizing the relational schema to 3NF.
Both normal forms are proper extensions of their traditional counterparts, BCNF and 3NF.
This will give data modelers, data analysts, data administrators and database designers an automated means of converting high-level conceptual data designs to mathematically correct 3NF relational database designs," said Dr.
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