3RsRecognize, Retreat, Report (munitions)
3RsRecruitment and Relocation Bonuses and Retention Allowances (US DHHS)
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Release date- 12082019 - Scientists had the opportunity to find out about current research and share best practice of the '3Rs': Replace, Reduce and Refine at this year's University of Bristol Animal Welfare and Research 3Rs symposium, held earlier this summer.
The 3Rs pilot project will be implemented at all the city corporation areas across the country in phases, if the pilot project turned out to be successful, the minister explained.
Major common aims were identified: to further advance the 3Rs, to help implement the aims of Directive 2010/63/EU locally, and to develop strategies and methods by which to reach out and connect with scientists in basic research.
With the leadership crisis seemingly behind him, Secondus was intent on achieving his 3Rs goals for the former ruling party to endear it to Nigerians once again.
Professor Jha said, "This is a significant step for the 3Rs approach and our model can reduce the total number of fish required, potentially replace the in vivo studies and offer the refinement that live fish are not exposed to potentially toxic chemicals.
"The 3Rs are a widely accepted ethical framework for conducting scientific experiments using animals humanely."
Student Ebony Banks said: "The attendees of the event had an enjoyable evening which gave them a first-hand experience of what EMERGE 3Rs and FareShare GM do and what they are planning to do to help many more people; part of the plan is to engage the attendees as formal 'friends' and ultimately as 'champions' to galvanise many more individuals and companies to support this crucial campaign to take a pro-active role in the fight against food poverty locally in Greater Manchester.
Upon completion of the 3RS, Hong Kong International Airport will be able to serve 30 million additional passengers annually.
'The 3Rs model remains the most reliable and useful strategy for efficient and effective management of solid waste.'
The design of the 3RS airfield facilities comprises all airport pavement, airfield systems and utility services, as well as modifications to the existing north runway to enable the conversion of HKIA's existing two-runway system into a 3RS.
When living and working in London beside the snide jokes about caves they didn't know a Welsh language existed - and we'd arrived to teach them the 3Rs.