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3SAT3-Satisfiability (Boolean satisfiability problem expressed in 3CNF form)
3SATSoldier Survival System, Advanced Threat
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Proof: Consider an instance of 3SAT with n variables [x.sub.i], 1 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] n, and m clauses [C.sub.j], 1 [less than or equal to] j [less than or equal to] m, each being a disjunction of at most three literals.
It is easy to see that a yes instance of GRAPH MOTIF on this graph is equivalent to a solution to the original 3SAT instance.
3SAT THE LITTLE KICKS THE LEMON TREE Local FAVOURITESTHE Little Kicks visit The Lemon Tree after touring.
(6) En esta investigacion se analiza la representacion de las mujeres en prensa (El Pais, ABC, La Vanguardia, Diario 16 y El Periodico) y en television (TVE, CNN, 3Sat, RAI, TV5).
A related, but more complex, argument shows that such reasoning is, in fact NP-hard: here we can encode an arbitrary 3SAT problem by including a node that represents the boolean formula, connected to nodes that represent the clauses (with a CPtable that insures that the formula is true iff all of the clauses is true), and the clause-nodes are each connected to nodes that represent the boolean variables (with CPtable that insure that the clause node is true iff the associated boolean variables have the correct setting).
The complete sets used here are primarily 3SAT (is this Boolean formula in 3-CNF form satisfiable) and succinct SAT (the formula is again given by a circuit).
The two German culture satellite channels, 3SAT and EINS PLUS, experience very limited viewer participation, running to only about 1.8 and 1.3 per cent respectively.
"Schicke, hippe Terrorphanomene: Pop-Asthetik der RAF verkauft sich als Mode, Film und Literatur" 3sat.de.
To simplify the presentation we consider the most popular setting--the case k = 3, namely random 3SAT, and remark that our results extend to any fixed k.